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FarmetteLife Bath Minerals

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farmettelife artisan soap

FarmetteLife lavender bath minerals are created in small batches using only the highest quality minerals, salts and pure essential oils to create a rustically, luxurious soaking experience. A scoop from a box of my minerals will pamper your skin with the nourishing properties of earthy salts, natural minerals and relaxing fragrances. Both the Coarse Sea Salt and Himalayan Pink Salt create a soothing, healing addition to a warm water soak. All of the ingredients are 100% natural and organic with no preservatives or dyes! My specialty mineral recipes include homegrown herbs such as lavender buds, rosemary and mint leaves grown and harvested here at TurkeyCrest.

At the end of a long day, treat yourself to a bath infused with pure, natural minerals with fragrances desugned to refresh one's spirt by bringing a moment of peace and relaxation, recharging your senses and pampering your skin. The pure fragrances impart a relaxing aromatherapy that is both pampering and healing.

My bath minerals are packaged in earth friendly, cardboard containers lined to keep the minerals dry and provide easy when using the wooden salt scoop.

farmetteLife Lavender Bath Minerals

Lavender Bath Minerals

$16.00 for 16oz of Minerals


Himalayan Pink Salt, Course Sea Salt, Epsom Salt, Borax, Baking Soda, Lavender Essential Oil

Available fragrances:

The lavender essential oil used in these minerals is Bulgarian lavender, a fresh and sweet fragrance that becomes more flowery when it evolves. Not too strong, the scent is relaxing and will linger. The pure essential oil imparts a relaxing aromatherapy that is both pampering and healing, perfect for adding to a warm bath to aid in restfulness and a calm mood.

Lavender Mint
The peppermint adds a refreshing, invigorating feel to the floral, sweet aroma of the lavender. There is almost a tingle to the soap with the addition of the fresh and very minty peppermint.

Sweet Lavender
As if the lavender aroma is not relaxing enough, adding in Ylang Ylang makes this soap one to use when taking a long bath. The Ylang Ylang adds rich, sweet floral aroma as well as sedative properties.

Lavender Spice
Rosemary blends well with the lavender, and is the stronger of the two in this recipe. The lavender adds a floral undertone to the strong, fresh woodsy aroma of the rosemary.

wooden mineral scoop

Bath MineralWooden Scoop


Made of solid wood, 3 inches long.

Holds about 1T of minerals.

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