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Birdhouse Gourds

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display of birdhouse gourds

These birdhouse are made from organically grown gourds which are harvested and then cured for over a year. Once ready for construction, a hole is drilled for the opening and a wooden perch added. To protect a perching bird from the elements, each house has a copper "roof" attached above the opening. Finally, the birdhouse is given a coat of stain to enhance the natural color and then sprayed with a clearcoat finish for protection. A leather cord is strung through the top for hanging.

Each birdhouse is unique in shape, size and coloring. The heights range from 12in to 16in.

Although birds will love this house if you decide to hang yours from a tree branch, the gourds will last longest if hung indoors or used in a place protected from the weather.

Used in a sunroom, enclosed porch, covered deck or even on a tree limb, these birdhouse gourds will add the beauty of nature to your home, deck or yard.