The Farm

ELWills Cultivator of FarmetteLife

About me ...

After a career in IT, I decided to leave the corporate world for a lifestyle more aligned with my interest in spending time outdoors, organic gardening and farming.

My farm, TurkeyCrest, is the platform for all of my projects and business endeavors. Currently, we specialize in growing organic, culinary herbs, harvesting raw honey and raising grass fed cattle and hens.

Along with Thelma, my farm dog, I often capture snapshots of every day farmlife and wildlife on digital media. Often, with a grandson in tow! These photographs serve as documentation for memories of events and days that pass by much too quickly.

~ Elizabeth Lyn Wills, Cultivator of FarmetteLife ~


ELWills, skunk photograher ELWills and bee hives Thelma

ELWills, cowgirl me and bullie3 ELWills and grandson