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Vintage Tin Gift Sets

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farmettelife artisan soap

Give a beautiful gift set that includes (based on size of tin) several bars of my all natural, artisan soap, cedar soap dish, a linen bag filled with soap potpourri all beautifully arranged in a unique and reusable, vintage tin.

Choose your soap bars from any of my available soaps, just email me the type and scent you would like packaged in the set.

Basic Bar recipe - A good overall, cleansing bar of soap. The natural oils used make a hard, long lasting bar that will clean and moisturize with lots of lather.
Ingredients: coconut oil, palm oil, olive oil, castor oil, essential oil

Soap Potpourri - A 4in x 6in linen bag filled with a variety of scented soap chips and lavender flowers. Great to put in a drawer to add beautiful fragrance to clothes. Or use as a wash bag in the bath.

Cedar Soap Dish - A handmade dish that will extend the life of the natural soap bars, made from real cedar wood.

Vintage Tins - Each is unique, and vintage (these are used, not new) so some might show a bit of wear. I try to indicate all imperfections in each tin's description.