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Soap Potpourri

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farmettelife lavender basic bar soap

Soap and Lavender Potpourri

The soap potpourri is a 4in x 6in linen bag filled with a variety of soap bits and lavender buds. Perfect for adding to any drawer of fine linens or clothes to give beautiful fragrance to cloth. Or use as a fragrant addition to your bath water.

Floral Potpourri

Dried Flowers and Lavender Potpourri

The potpourri is a 4" x 2 1/2" x 9 1/2" cellephane bag filled with a variety of dried flowers, including sunflowers, yarrow, bee balm and lavender buds. Scented with pure lavender essential oil, this potpourri is perfect for adding scent and color in a powder room, dining room or entrance hall.

A bag of this floral potpourri along with a bar of soap or jar of honey makes a lovely hostess gift!

dreid flower potpourri
dried flower potpourri close up bag or floral potpourri