The Farm

To leave product reviews and testimonials, just send me an email from the Contact Me page. Please include the product you are writing about as well as your feedback. I always appreciate hearing from you!

"After using your organic soap for several months, I just have to tell you how much I like using it. Before starting on your soap I bought liquid body wash and I will never go back to that again. I can't say I have a favorite fragrance because each bar is great. I am storing extra bars in my linen closet and I know I have the best smelling closet around. I use it on my face too. I have very sensitive skin and it works fine for me.

Also want to say that I am on my second jar of your body lotion Love the results. I have used so many of your awesome products. I guess those will require another letter another day. Hope you consider making sun screen.

Thank you for putting so much love and care in your products" - ellie c.

"The soaps have wonderful scents. Ginger-Orange is light and energizing. The lavender soap has a relaxing fragrance that lasts! Both soaps lather nicely, leaving my hands soft but still rinsing cleanly. The generous size of these handcrafted bars make the price very reasonable too. The birdbath soap dish couldn't be more adorable! I can't wait to give it as a gift. " - noël v.

"I just want to let you know how much I love your bath soap. Its fragrance & how it left my skin soft without drying it convinced me to get more. The scent it leaves in my linen closet is a plus as well.." - doris w. (brightwood, va)

"Oh, the soap that you make is so soft on my skin and I have not even tried the moisturizer bar yet. It is soothing and wonderful to use." - joan s. (pittsburgh, pa)

"Today I used the basic bar, lavender scent for the first time. It is wonderful!!! Not only does it smell fabulous as you use it but it really does leave your skin feeling soft. It doesn't dry my skin as a typical grocery store soap does. Very, very nice. I noticed that the scent stays with me, too. It isn't over bearing but a nice, soft scent. Great soap recipe!" - mary s. (pittsburgh, pa)

"Thank you for developing formulas that can be used by those of us that have allergies to certain oils. The formulas that I have experienced so far (the basic and moisturizing) are wonderful. Both recipes lather well and their aromas are not too over powering. They are pleasant, up lifting, and long lasting. The oils that are used in them make additional body lotion after bathing unnecessary. Love them. They definitely get a 5 star rating from this user." k.b.