The Farm

TurkeyCrest is one of the original homesteads in Madison, Virginia. The oldest rooms of the house, built as a one-over-one, log cabin dates to circa 1799.

Front of TurkeyCrest house

In the early part of the 19th century, two rooms were added in the front, making the farmhouse a side chimney, center hall home. At some point in the mid part of that century, an L-addition was constructed and a third chimney added to use with a kitchen woodstove.

Back of TurkeyCrest house

In bringing back the property to a useable condition, the existing pastures were enclosed and gravity troughs added for the grass-fed cattle. I created several extensive gardens and work to continuously improve the soil and land for growing vegetable, herbs and flowers. By incorporating organic, natural philosophies, the fields and surrounding woodlands are once again serving as a working farm.

Cattle in the Front Field

Three ca;ves in front field